Gun Cabinets and counter with leather top

Creating a new web site is akin to having a baby I have decided. Pregnancy in those last few weeks; when it’s nothing but heartburn, sleepless nights, discomfort and you just can’t wait for the delivery day. Oh my! I do sound tired? But this is my 4th web site. The first one I made all on my own, the other three have been partnerships with a variety of I.T. people. What I have learnt? Web sites are easy but the hard graft is mapping out the navigation and creating the content. A web Company can map out the navigation but need pointers, and the content is down to the company wanting the web site – so me. And that is why I have tried to build my own; by the time I have explained it to someone else I might just have well done it myself.
I hope you like this new site? Because so many of us now view the internet on our phones and tablets I have hung everything off the home page. There is a menu and you can get to pages that way but most people want to be able to get to a page with as few clicks as possible. Hopefully I have achieved that. I have not overloaded the site with content but I do think we need a page dedicated to bespoke furniture. That is our speciality. And anyone can commission us to make an individual piece of furniture. There is nothing more rewarding than to see what you have imagined actually made in to a reality. And at this point I will give my husband all the praise and credit. He does not ‘blow his own trumpet’ anywhere near enough. And I can see day after day, year after year just how good he is at designing and making furniture. He really knows what he is doing and his attention to detail is astonishing. When I get a moment I will also be loading up Youtube clips of an educational nature on how to look after furniture. There is nothing more annoying that a door hinge moving slightly. It’s invariably going to happen, and easy to fix, if you know how. So it those kind of ‘know how’ type clips we will add to the site.
If I have missed anything then please do let me know? I have not put pricing up on the site, not because ‘if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it’ scenario but because I didn’t want a site with a shopping cart! And, because people who buy from us, rarely buy, exactly what they see on the site. If you like pieces of furniture then just send me a ‘request price’ email and we will reply.
Architectural joinery is another page that will be loaded in time, along with retail….we made the cabinets for a lovely shop on the outskirts of Colchester. A purveyor of countryside sporting goods. The owner had bought a public house that he then found out had was a listed building status so there were all sorts of issues with the renovation. The interior is excellent. He kept the fireplaces and the clay tile floors. We made oak counters (Nick added leather padded side panel bars to the counters because, it needed it and he couldn’t help himself…and that is his attention to detail coming out) and glass fronted cabinets in oak to house the guns. We matched the wood stain colour to enhance the existing timber beams in the ceilings and walls. A lovely project to work on and the photos look good so I will give you an ability to view. But for now we have just given place to the main rooms in the home; living room, bedroom, hall, dining, office and then products and ranges. I hope you enjoy surfing and find what you are looking for.