I have never really thought about it, but why do we call the entrance areas in a house a Hall? Well, it would seem in colder climes, in times past, the manor house was built around the great hall. Years later we all refer to the entrance to the heart of the home as the hall.

The most common item of furniture in a hall is a table; somewhere to dump the mail and throw your keys in to a bowl. If you have a large hall you may be able to accommodate several tables. The hat stand of the 1950’s and 60’s that 007 would throw his hat and coat onto seem to have waned in popularity. And now a discreet cupboard or tidy coat rack with pegs fitted to a wall are more popular. Unless you have a cupboard shoes are always and issue as they are so difficult to keep tidy and organised. A fitted cupboard really is the only solution. View our furniture.

The entrance is the first room visitors will enter as they come into the home and the impression given by the space can be an indicator of what the rest of the house is like or I think it speaks more about the inhabitants and their ways than the internal décor in the other rooms.

We have now moved in to the arena of architectural joinery and can offer the provision of  high quality staircases.