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About us


About Us

For over a decade Gerard Lewis Designs has been designing and making beautifully handcrafted contemporary furniture.  Hidden away on an island off the east coast of England (better known by foodies for its oyster beds and The Company Shed) is situated the factory of bespoke cabinet makers Gerard Lewis Designs.  Nick and Sandra Harvey started the business in 2001; their ethos is to provide thoughtfully designed high quality handmade furniture for people who love their homes and want a superior product along with innovative design.  Gerard Lewis Designs continues to fly the flag for British manufacturing which, in turn, helps to keep the furniture industry alive in this country.  With a multi skilled team of craftsmen, a client’s dream can become a reality.

From the initial site survey, to delivery and installation, the highly skilled team of designers and craftsmen make sure every detail is well thought out.  Whenever Gerard Lewis Designs sees a project through from beginning to end, it adopts an extremely vigilant degree of attention to each and every detail.  This ‘hands on’ approach ensures that any problems are ironed out or averted in a timely fashion and satisfaction with the final product is guaranteed.

From super yachts to listed buildings, Gerard Lewis Designs has designed and supplied furniture for a broad range of unique interiors.  Frequently commissioned by respected designers, Gerard Lewis Designs has supplied furniture and cabinetry to a range of A – list celebrities from the world of sport and music as well as to a variety of other, equally successful but lesser known, clients.  Gerard Lewis Designs offers its distinct personal touch to large enterprises such as offices, hotels and restaurants as well as to individuals including architects and members of the public; it caters for anyone from any walk of life with a desire to furnish business or home with furniture that cannot be found on the high street.

Gerard Lewis Designs works in a variety of timbers and exotic veneers; materials are hand selected from suppliers so that, where necessary, furniture and cabinetry is produced with exactly the right tone, hue or grain finish.  Popular at the present time are wall to wall fitted units which deliver much needed storage while accommodating a variety of media equipment including a flat screen TV, set top box, Wii, X-box, home hub and sound system.  Such are the innovations in technology, these items can be discreetly hidden away in the unit while retaining the option to operate them via remote control.  The addition of LED lighting is now a common component in cabinetry and Gerard Lewis Designs has included this feature into wardrobes and wall units so that the hidden or exposed lights give an additional ambient feature to the room.

The commissioning process is simple and straight forward.  Enquiries can be placed via telephone or email and every enquirer can expect a polite and prompt response.  Bespoke items may involve a sight survey or, at the very least, an exchange of detailed CAD drawings which pay particular attention to measurements and finish.  Gerard Lewis Designs will guide the customer through the design process along with advice and the benefit of experience so that each item of furniture is sympathetically installed into the existing interior in a manner that extends and enhances the customer’s vision. 

Production times vary according to the complexity of design and finish but Gerard Lewes Designs is renowned for its willingness and capacity to meet deadlines no matter how tight.  Every aspect of its service is tailored to meet the various needs of its customers with the result that Gerard Lewis Designs is reputed to be one of the few leading and expanding bespoke furniture manufacturers in the UK.  If you would like to commission your own furniture then please contact Nick or Sandra.