The bedroom is principally for rest and relaxation. Everything about the space should encourage tranquillity. To this end we design and make our bedroom furniture with this level of attention of detail. Or rather, the reverse is more true… a badly made bed won’t give a comfortable night sleep. Heaven forbid a badly fitting headboard. And do you have to be a contortionist to place your cup or glass on the night stand?

We live in a busy world and life truly can be 24/7. But doctors are now finding out that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most healing treatments you can give the body. Bedroom interiors are therefore really important to aid in the activity of sleep and never more so in enabling us to actually ‘nod off’.

Bedside Tables

“Not many people know this…” but we do make beds; not mattresses but bed frames certainly. As bespoke makers we can make just about any size and shape of bed you would like. Our bedside tables are designed at the right height to be next to a bed. And our headboards are all securely attached to the wall.

Storage is another key component of the bedroom space. A thoughtfully designed wardrobe or chest of drawers is not only visually appealing but it needs to store clothes and sundries in an intelligent way. Yes we do design the hanging space in fitted wardrobes so your trousers can hang on the hanger just the way you like them. We can line your drawers for the jewellery or watch collection with leather or another material. We can design and make complete dressing rooms if you have the space and if you don’t we will help you make the most of the space you do have.