Living Room

Is yours a living room, sitting room, lounge or front parlour? Or do you prefer a more formal drawing room with an additional family room where you spend time relaxing and watching TV. We design and make furniture for every type of living room.The more formal or traditional drawing room to the highly contemporary and relaxed modern room.  It is said more people now live in their kitchens; with large open areas that incorporate cooking, dining, eating and relaxing. We design furniture to enhance any room requirements whether you want a space for socialising or quiet relaxation.

Since the activities in a living room are sitting and socialising, we design and make sofas, couches and easy chairs. To compliment the seating arrangements there are a collection of occasional table, lamp table and the coffee table. Lighting is ‘key’ and to that end lamp tables of all designs and dimensions are made to place your lamps upon.

Ideas for your living room

Large form coffee tables with upholstered areas and a hard surface integrated into them offer a dual purpose piece of furniture in that in can be sued to place drinks on the hard surface, give additional seating or somewhere to rest your feet while sitting on the sofa. Or an upholstered footstall that offers internal storage is a great way of maximising on space and helps to keep the place tidy.

Console tables placed behind a sofa gives additional surface room for lamps and much loved items. We can help you create the ideal living space. Popular now are TV wall units with integrated storage and lighting. Or perhaps you prefer a traditional bookcase and smoking chair. We can create the look and design your living room set a haven of peace and tranquillity or the perfect space to hold a party.

Glass tops is a good idea as it gives the illusion of taking up less space. And keeps a light and airy feeling to the room. Furniture that is low also provides the illusion of space as it does not interrupt the eye line. Reflective surfaces help to give the illusion of space and we have a number of items of furniture that have mirror glass incorporated. But we can also design and make wall mirrors in frames or used as a wall covering to enlarge the room’s spatial qualities