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The key factor in any successful range of furniture is continuity of the design elements. This means either an overall design is evident in each piece of furniture within the range. Or there is a common material used and incorporated into each item of furniture.

The Burr Collection, which is the first range that Nick designed, has details of walnut burr or elm burr inlayed into the furniture. Simplicity, as its name suggests, is a very simple design based on the cube. While the Synergy design is in contrast, all about sharp angles and clean lines. The Flair range has mirror glass or burr inlays in the V shape pedestal base. Orient is probably one of the most versatile ranges of furniture we have designed so far, since the carcass is available in three timber stain finishes. The astragal beading is optional and can be removed if desired. Or if kept can have painted panels with one of our metal paint finishes or an alternative paint colour finish of your choice. If that is not versatile enough you can opt for upholstered panels in the surrounds of the furniture instead. The next range is in the design process and we will let you know when we are ready to launch.

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