Home Office

The way we work has radically changed in the last twenty years. There is now less of an emphasis of going to a place of work to carry out a job. And with the advent of computers and smart phones, wi-fi and satellite coverage many of us can work at our home office at any time.

Homes now need to incorporate a home office facility. Ideally this isn’t papers and laptop on the kitchen table but if space allows a designated area or room in the house or perhaps a cabin or purpose built studio in the garden. It is important to separate work life and home life. View our products

Creating the right environment is crucially important to enable you to work at your optimum performance levels. Like any performance the stage has to be set and the scenery has to be pleasantly considered.  We will design furniture that first and foremost is ergonomically correct. We will take into account all of the electronic equipment that needs to be housed. Making sure it still works effectively but is discreetly located.

Whether you are a traditionalist and like a Partners desk or prefer a more modern look, we can design the right desk, and storage facilities to make your work time a pleasurable experience.